Surprises in any form, small or grand, are always special. Like today, with no hope of a relaxed day at home I was mentally prepared to attend a 4 hour class and drive in this scorching heat… (Well. It seemed scorching to me) But, Surprise Surprise!! The class was cancelled! Just like that, in a minute all my made up fatigue was lost. That is the best thing about these surprises, in a short span everything changes!

There is no denying to this- I love to have such small peeps of surprises from time to time, but I have never been able to cope up with the Grand Ones. They always take up my energy; making my excessively active imagination more so. It works me up most when I know there is something coming, just don’t know what! Like birthdays… Oh I love celebrating my birthdays’, just its much better when I know there are no surprises lined up.



All this about the good surprises-good; according to the Givers as well as the Takers. What about those where it is well an amazing surprise to be given as per the Giver but… the Taker is to the least to say.. Happy! I’ll tell you what goes wrong here. You cannot even say ‘What is this??’ or ‘Like…really?’ or ‘What made you do this’ and you will never say ‘Oh…How lovely of you!’ or ‘This is the best surprise ever’!!



So, ‘The truthful’ lot gets worked up as their conscience says ‘Blurt it out…’ while the compassion says ‘ For his/her sake…don’t’… Not that this has happened too often to me; somehow god is smart enough to place alike people together. (Mostly!) It is a tricky situation and must be handled with care and tact.

None of the extremes work; they either make you feel too guilty or too fake. So here is what I do during these tough times. Smile…And say, ’I was so not expecting this. You surprised me! And add a couple of ‘WOWs’, also topped with a range of nice expressions (happy ones!) Smile…it distracts most of the people keeping you guarded.

Has helped me, might help you too!!!


🙂 🙂

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Adversities create a Super-Achiever

It has been on my mind since a long time. When you achieve a position, a qualification by sowing the innumerable seeds of your hard work… You are elated, happy and why not..You totally deserve it. But just think of this, while you’re hard work is nowhere lacking, what if there are these situations, conditions, ADVERSITIES which hinder your road to achievements. When the Achievement comes in such a case it is a different kind of happiness which you experience.. Something that cannot be expressed in words.

Does this make the achievement sans adversity of less importance? Certainly not.. It’s just how we perceive it..We make the presence of Adversities a Big deal. That is why the intense reactions of happiness and excitement.

My respect for people who strive against the unfavorable conditions to get what they want is at the zenith. The reason is simple, their determination, confidence and willingness to give in almost everything is unbeatable. Will- this is something which can make a king out of a pauper. Don’t get me wrong, hard work is the pre requisite, but what stands out amongst all our hard worker’s- is their willingness and its intensity. The more willing the person, more possible is a thing to him.

At one point, all these Super-Achievers must have had a fight with their conscience, but what is laudable is that they made sure they dominated their weaknesses to achieve what they have achieved.

Not everyone has the power to do so, agree it or not, it’s the law of the jungle which applies to the human race today. ‘Survival of the Fittest’; only, this is more in terms of ability-mental as well as physical. As humans, we can overpower our physical disabilities or weaknesses by showcasing a strong mental WILL.

The mantra which I recollect if ever I think of quitting or not giving in my 100 percent is this—

‘When you think of quitting something halfway, first remember the reason for holding on for so long’.


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Spontaneity or Planning?


Planned definitely…with a pinch of spontaneity.. With me that is the case. Where on one hand we have people saying ‘Look before you leap’ there is a heavy contradiction of people being ‘Spontaneous’ or ‘Candid’ termed as upright and forwardly rude.

On the other hand..there is planning I the minutest detail. There is that one category of people who are overly attentive to the very last atom of a thing… And that works…most of the times..yet there are so many things over which this ‘control’ has no CONTROL.

What if one day u wake and come to know that you need to do something you did not even consider giving a thought to.. U did not plan it..(Not wasn’t in my to do list …) so..what next…

This is where the ‘Go with the people’ come in..its more of being reactive..If something happens..we would do the needful.. Being a controlled freak I cannot simply understand this..’How can I Simply go with the flow???’


In spite of this..i must agree that it’s a lot more effective to not crib or whine over what happened and the possibilities of not thinking about it earlier… It further complicates things..your thought process , your approach towards a new thing. In short, it spoils you from being innovative.



Over the years I have learnt that striking just the right balance between ‘Intense planning’ and ‘Natural Spontaneity’ is difficult to be achieved..(at least by me). But also,Being proactive planning things ain’t that bad too…! It gives me ‘the  Planner’ a mental satisfaction of having ‘the action plan’ ready… 🙂




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The Firsts…..

Daily Prompt- Beginning!
This was my ‘FIRST’ on the blog! First at blogging!!

.ImageWhen I take it to writing today, I think of the ‘Firsts’.. First time I wished, I thought, I read, I wrote, I danced, I loved. And yes, the thing I notice the most is all these are the positives. Something that will be of remembrance even if I try to forget..OR..We can always make up things right??

Oh..Making up good stuff is EASY. The worse memories are the ones that are etched deep down making a mark or a Scar! There are tonnes of sayings relating to ‘Failure’ being the milestone in one’s life…But yet, I am scared..Scared of what? Experiencing the ‘First’ at failure..No…or..probably a slight ‘YES’.

Why is it that number of books on self-help inspire one being but at the same time fails to have the same effect on others?? A lot many arguments, but I come to this..Its all in the mind.. When I want  an idea or book to work– IT WILL! and no one can stop that.

Weird to one, perfectly alright to other. That’s about failure too. ‘Milestone’ for one ‘Sheer bad luck’ for other & ‘Complete waste’ for another.

Yet, the fact remains true, ‘Firsts’ need to be there. Even if you term it as a ‘Complete waste’.

So .Yes, probably there is a heterogeneous mix of Ecstasy, Fear, Anxiety, Excitement in the mind..But we choose to name it ‘Fear’. Rather, it is easier to do that. You get away with most of the things in life with this word.

Here’s to the thing I feared ‘Judgments’ about my passion. And here’s to the thing I Do about it.

MAKE IT PUBLIC! Because, there is fear failure, yes, also criticism and judgments; but I have overcome the fact forming basis of this ‘Fear’

As many the heads, so many the tastes’!!

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Man cannot disc…

Man cannot discover new oceans,..unless he has the courage to leave the sight of the shore..

A picture is worth 1000 words. This safe has been through a lot. Tell its story. Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

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