A leaf from the Nomad’s Tree…

ImageIt’s the genes may be, but there is no other possible and believable explanation which I can offer to me being the Nomad. My definition of a Drifter or Nomad is one who is always in search of something new-The Explorer!  Curiosity forms the basis of this I feel. The thirst, of knowing more than I already know makes me travel and explore.

Of course I wasn’t born with the feeling of restlessness but owing to situations or will it has now become a habit. Knowing that this moment, this place is not going to last forever is reassuring! I know, this might sound absurd to many of you, but I like to start afresh from time to time, and no better way than by changing my habitat! It’s not an easy task to do, especially because as you start growing, one needs comforting surrounding & familiar faces around oneself.

As I jump places, homes and cities I realize the only thing I leave behind is the feel. The feeling of abandonment, which is felt by the house I lived in. Soon it vanishes because there is a new town, new home and a new lot awaiting me! It strikes me though, whether a sense of betrayal lingers around the place I once occupied. May be there is, after all it is difficult to be but a loyal!

Change is the only constant in a drifter’s life and he loves it that way for he believes- Change can be welcoming if one really welcomes it!!



About Surashree

This is Surashree, a simple girl who strives to achieve the Extraordinary.. An avid reader.. music buff ..trying to 'Blog' thoughts.!!
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