Joining the DOTS..

I am always amazed after I finish a book of Agatha Christie..Surprised how she gets the readers every time. Being an ardent fan of her writing, before taking up any mystery of hers, I challenge myself, maybe…maybe this time I would figure it out before hand (at least a bit earlier than in the last couple of chapters) as to who the murderer is; but I fail to find that out and my inner Sherlock dies a silent death!!

The fact that I specialize in Murder mystery reading (I know, FANCY!! ) makes me wonder as to how these novelists or writers keep the track of their plot. This is where ‘’assembling the pieces of the puzzle” comes into picture. Even if the mystery looks complicated but it is explained with such ease to the readers that it’s still fun to read. I mean, I cannot reckon myself stressing over not figuring out exactly ‘How did the murder happen?!’


Joining the dots is a tough job especially when you are creating something yourself. Isn’t it often said that ‘To be a good liar, you need to have a sharp memory’! Imagine making something up and not remembering later unerringly what was said to whom, and eventually finding yourself in a fix. That would be nightmarish!

Coming back to Agatha Christie, it must have been 4 odd years since I read her famous plot ‘And then there were none’. Whoa! That was one thing which bowled me over. The way in which she connected the dots in that mystery! In the middle of the book, I realized what a mess this can create at the end, as she was handling backup stories of 10 people at the same time, but she surely mastered the art of joining dots. I needn’t had to reread the climax to get my facts straight, understood it right in the first go. AMAZING!


This is fascinating to me, mainly because I struggle with assembling pieces together, I sucked at it since I was a kid, hated those puzzle games!  On a serious note, I genuinely wish that one day I am adroit in the art of JOINING the DOTS just right to ensure the proportioned picture I intend to draw has come out precisely the way I wanted it to be.



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This is Surashree, a simple girl who strives to achieve the Extraordinary.. An avid reader.. music buff ..trying to 'Blog' thoughts.!!
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