Solitary Retreat!


I truly believe that one must spend time alone, at least some time alone in a day. How difficult can it be? Call it contemplation, or just a retreat from your schedule. It rejuvenates you, you start thinking more clearly.

Being home alone gives a lot of time to me for my ‘Solitary Retreats’. There is a funny observation I have made, when I am alone in the house, I somehow never feel the urge of constant TV-watching or chatting. Being someone around telling me to switch these things off make me do them more. Now that I have got an unavoidable situation of seeking this solitary retreat, I suddenly realize that 24 hours are actually enough for a person to spend his day fruitfully.

Oh isn’t this our constant complaint to God? ‘Why…Why couldn’t you just add a few more hours to the standard day? ‘That’s because we are so busy, too busy to even stop and think for a minute as to where we are headed to in life. I think one should, from time to time hear the echo of his life. Reaction is the best feedback, it the best analysis you can get and the most genuine too.

I listen more when I am spending time with myself. All of us are bounded by our egos, and this makes ‘YOU’ the most important person in YOUR life. So, it’s likely that you would give more thoughts to your own thought. Not only this, the mind plays the past events in a rewind mode. Which then moves to – Something I shouldn’t have said or something I should have. Guilt, anxiety, happiness, and anger-all the emotions appear with a better clarity. The best part about this is, since you cannot lie to yourself, these feeling come out naturally and with well acceptance of your will.


I enjoy taking these retreats in the woods of reminiscence…Do you?


About Surashree

This is Surashree, a simple girl who strives to achieve the Extraordinary.. An avid reader.. music buff ..trying to 'Blog' thoughts.!!
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