Long (but not lost) Friendships!


Today, I was in for a pleasant surprise as my mobile ringtone was the first sound my conscious mind heard in the morning. It was an Unknown number flashing on the screen and being barely awake I did not take the pain of probing it in my memory.  As I picked up the call, a friendly voice spoke and revealed its identity. Firstly, I was extremely glad to get a birthday wish in the most enthusiastic way ( 2 days after my actual birthday!) But, I was happy of the fact that this friend ,even though irresolute of the exact date still called me up and REMEMBERED!

It must have been 2 odd years since I talked to her. Shifting our respective abodes, changing numbers and shuffling priorities, sometimes, drifts two people away. It is a very usual thing to happen. Anyway, what surprised me was that there was no awkwardness or not even a moment of silence in our conversation. The call went on for nearly an hour. It was as though we were catching up the past couple of years of our lives.


Isn’t it strange? There are these people on one hand, with whom we are so comfortable that even though we haven’t exchanged messages or pleasantries for years, when we come in touch, you just hit it off! While there are the other types, with whom you spend hours and days together, but still struggle for topics to sustain your conversation with them!

Talk about Wavelengths..When I was younger, (and stupid) I didn’t give this a thought. It was plain and simple for me. I either am in touch with someone and great friends or neither! But through the life’s experiences of meeting new people, changing work as well as personal space, I realized that friendship is not really defined with the time two people spend together talking or meeting. On the contrary, it is about the understanding that develops between two people irrespective of the time spent!


This refreshing morning made me contemplate of the Friendships which go back a long way but aren’t lost at all!!! Reminds me of the classic- “I’ll be there for you…Cause you’ll be there for me too!!!”



About Surashree

This is Surashree, a simple girl who strives to achieve the Extraordinary.. An avid reader.. music buff ..trying to 'Blog' thoughts.!!
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