In the Middle of Nowhere…


This morning was an early one.(Earlier than my previous mornings, I meant) With more of time in hand, comes more of day dreaming. As I was using up my today’s quota of day dreaming, my eyes were distracted because of a book. A book , I had been meaning to read since a long time, but some or the other thing came up and the result- It’s there on the shelf and starting to accumulate puffs of dust.

What caught my attention was the title which had intrigued me to make it read it –‘Such a long journey’. It interested me even now, and all my attempts to stop my mind wandering came to a halt. What if we treat all the happenings in our life as ‘Long Journeys’?


There are times when there is utter chaos in our lives, when you have 10 things to do but you are in a dilemma which one to start first. Being inherently impatient, we want things to happen within a certain time frame. If things go as per our ‘SCHEDULE’, ‘Life’s good’. I think so too, most of us think this way. And what is the problem, NOTHING. Its good to have a deadline, end date. But then, not every time does the thing end within the time you want it to or as you want it to.

Anything which I attempt, I expect to reach somewhere. It starts, with the struggle, then the growth, stability and then maturity. What we fail to understand is the time span of these pit stops may differ..In fact, they do differ, person to person and most importantly they vary from situation to situation. In the beginning there is always turmoil, a lot of new things, new people, and new approach. But it slowly starts becoming familiar to us. Who once was a stranger becomes a friend, what once was a new job becomes a routine. These things take time, of course. Being comfortable is a state of mind; which can be quickly achieved by one while someone else may take eternity to be comfortable.


If you make a small child go to a new school, he will resist, yes. Naturally, as he has gotten used to the school, teachers, friends, everything. But slowly, he would start becoming comfortable in the new place also. I know what you are thinking. Not everything is as simple as ‘Shifting to a new school’. Agreed. But it’s still a journey. A long one.Slowly but definitely, somewhere down the line, at the middle or towards the end, you will find yourself again. 



About Surashree

This is Surashree, a simple girl who strives to achieve the Extraordinary.. An avid reader.. music buff ..trying to 'Blog' thoughts.!!
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