Surprises in any form, small or grand, are always special. Like today, with no hope of a relaxed day at home I was mentally prepared to attend a 4 hour class and drive in this scorching heat… (Well. It seemed scorching to me) But, Surprise Surprise!! The class was cancelled! Just like that, in a minute all my made up fatigue was lost. That is the best thing about these surprises, in a short span everything changes!

There is no denying to this- I love to have such small peeps of surprises from time to time, but I have never been able to cope up with the Grand Ones. They always take up my energy; making my excessively active imagination more so. It works me up most when I know there is something coming, just don’t know what! Like birthdays… Oh I love celebrating my birthdays’, just its much better when I know there are no surprises lined up.



All this about the good surprises-good; according to the Givers as well as the Takers. What about those where it is well an amazing surprise to be given as per the Giver but… the Taker is to the least to say.. Happy! I’ll tell you what goes wrong here. You cannot even say ‘What is this??’ or ‘Like…really?’ or ‘What made you do this’ and you will never say ‘Oh…How lovely of you!’ or ‘This is the best surprise ever’!!



So, ‘The truthful’ lot gets worked up as their conscience says ‘Blurt it out…’ while the compassion says ‘ For his/her sake…don’t’… Not that this has happened too often to me; somehow god is smart enough to place alike people together. (Mostly!) It is a tricky situation and must be handled with care and tact.

None of the extremes work; they either make you feel too guilty or too fake. So here is what I do during these tough times. Smile…And say, ’I was so not expecting this. You surprised me! And add a couple of ‘WOWs’, also topped with a range of nice expressions (happy ones!) Smile…it distracts most of the people keeping you guarded.

Has helped me, might help you too!!!


🙂 🙂


About Surashree

This is Surashree, a simple girl who strives to achieve the Extraordinary.. An avid reader.. music buff ..trying to 'Blog' thoughts.!!
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2 Responses to SURPRISES!!!

  1. Madhura says:

    I just throw my hands up, start off some very girly squeals, and keep yelling ‘Oh my god’ and hugging everyone in sight… just so no one can really see my expression… nice post!

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