Adversities create a Super-Achiever

It has been on my mind since a long time. When you achieve a position, a qualification by sowing the innumerable seeds of your hard work… You are elated, happy and why not..You totally deserve it. But just think of this, while you’re hard work is nowhere lacking, what if there are these situations, conditions, ADVERSITIES which hinder your road to achievements. When the Achievement comes in such a case it is a different kind of happiness which you experience.. Something that cannot be expressed in words.

Does this make the achievement sans adversity of less importance? Certainly not.. It’s just how we perceive it..We make the presence of Adversities a Big deal. That is why the intense reactions of happiness and excitement.

My respect for people who strive against the unfavorable conditions to get what they want is at the zenith. The reason is simple, their determination, confidence and willingness to give in almost everything is unbeatable. Will- this is something which can make a king out of a pauper. Don’t get me wrong, hard work is the pre requisite, but what stands out amongst all our hard worker’s- is their willingness and its intensity. The more willing the person, more possible is a thing to him.

At one point, all these Super-Achievers must have had a fight with their conscience, but what is laudable is that they made sure they dominated their weaknesses to achieve what they have achieved.

Not everyone has the power to do so, agree it or not, it’s the law of the jungle which applies to the human race today. ‘Survival of the Fittest’; only, this is more in terms of ability-mental as well as physical. As humans, we can overpower our physical disabilities or weaknesses by showcasing a strong mental WILL.

The mantra which I recollect if ever I think of quitting or not giving in my 100 percent is this—

‘When you think of quitting something halfway, first remember the reason for holding on for so long’.



About Surashree

This is Surashree, a simple girl who strives to achieve the Extraordinary.. An avid reader.. music buff ..trying to 'Blog' thoughts.!!
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2 Responses to Adversities create a Super-Achiever

  1. Riddhi says:

    Nice.. True.. 🙂

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