Spontaneity or Planning?


Planned definitely…with a pinch of spontaneity.. With me that is the case. Where on one hand we have people saying ‘Look before you leap’ there is a heavy contradiction of people being ‘Spontaneous’ or ‘Candid’ termed as upright and forwardly rude.

On the other hand..there is planning..by planning I mean..to the minutest detail. There is that one category of people who are overly attentive to the very last atom of a thing… And that works…most of the times..yet there are so many things over which this ‘control’ has no CONTROL.

What if one day u wake and come to know that you need to do something you did not even consider giving a thought to.. U did not plan it..(Not fair..it wasn’t in my to do list …) so..what next…

This is where the ‘Go with the people’ come in..its more of being reactive..If something happens..we would do the needful.. Being a controlled freak I cannot simply understand this..’How can I Simply go with the flow???’


In spite of this..i must agree that it’s a lot more effective to not crib or whine over what happened and the possibilities of not thinking about it earlier… It further complicates things..your thought process , your approach towards a new thing. In short, it spoils you from being innovative.



Over the years I have learnt that striking just the right balance between ‘Intense planning’ and ‘Natural Spontaneity’ is difficult to be achieved..(at least by me). But also,Being proactive helps..always..so planning things ain’t that bad too…! It gives me ‘the  Planner’ a mental satisfaction of having ‘the action plan’ ready… 🙂





About Surashree

This is Surashree, a simple girl who strives to achieve the Extraordinary.. An avid reader.. music buff ..trying to 'Blog' thoughts.!!
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4 Responses to Spontaneity or Planning?

  1. Madhura says:

    Planned Spontaneity! Nice!

  2. Riddhi says:

    Yep.. Planning is never bad.. but.. shd also knw that nt everything can be planned or controlled.. and, after a point, u just hav to leave it at that and just see things unfold..

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