The Firsts…..

Daily Prompt- Beginning!
This was my ‘FIRST’ on the blog! First at blogging!!

.ImageWhen I take it to writing today, I think of the ‘Firsts’.. First time I wished, I thought, I read, I wrote, I danced, I loved. And yes, the thing I notice the most is all these are the positives. Something that will be of remembrance even if I try to forget..OR..We can always make up things right??

Oh..Making up good stuff is EASY. The worse memories are the ones that are etched deep down making a mark or a Scar! There are tonnes of sayings relating to ‘Failure’ being the milestone in one’s life…But yet, I am scared..Scared of what? Experiencing the ‘First’ at failure..No…or..probably a slight ‘YES’.

Why is it that number of books on self-help inspire one being but at the same time fails to have the same effect on others?? A lot many arguments, but I come to this..Its all in the mind.. When I want  an idea or book to work– IT WILL! and no one can stop that.

Weird to one, perfectly alright to other. That’s about failure too. ‘Milestone’ for one ‘Sheer bad luck’ for other & ‘Complete waste’ for another.

Yet, the fact remains true, ‘Firsts’ need to be there. Even if you term it as a ‘Complete waste’.

So .Yes, probably there is a heterogeneous mix of Ecstasy, Fear, Anxiety, Excitement in the mind..But we choose to name it ‘Fear’. Rather, it is easier to do that. You get away with most of the things in life with this word.

Here’s to the thing I feared ‘Judgments’ about my passion. And here’s to the thing I Do about it.

MAKE IT PUBLIC! Because, there is fear failure, yes, also criticism and judgments; but I have overcome the fact forming basis of this ‘Fear’

As many the heads, so many the tastes’!!


About Surashree

This is Surashree, a simple girl who strives to achieve the Extraordinary.. An avid reader.. music buff ..trying to 'Blog' thoughts.!!
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